You’re not alone. Every woman goes through PERIMENOPAUSE and MENOPAUSE and experiences frustrating body changes during this period…including Abnormal Weight Gain.  You can exercise more and eat less, yet still find yourself gaining weight…especially in the waist and thigh areas.

This unwanted weight gain, coupled with Bloating, Mood Swings, Hot Flashes, Low Energy and other adverse menopausal symptoms...can make your life be quite unpleasant.


adaptogenEstroThin™ is a nutriceutical grade liquid extract therapy featuring clinically substantiated Aadaptogenic phyto-plant activity.

The hormonal changing process during Perimenopause and Menopause puts tremendous stresses on most of the body’s systems, which escalates many of these unwanted disorders. Adaptogenic phyto-plants (Adaptogens) are the most effective natural substances available to help the body combat these stresses by stimulating the body's own self-regeneration process…subsequently reducing the activity of Abnormal Weight Gain, Bloating, Mood Swings, Hot Flashes, Low  Energy and other adverse perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms.

Over 5,000 clinical studies have been performed relating to the effectiveness and efficacy of Adaptogens. (Learn more about adaptogens)



Liquid Extracts are faster actiong and delivers more effective results than pills or capsules can.

That is why Estrothin uses a Nutriceutical Grade Liquid Extract Delivery System. The active herbal compounds are processed through an advanced extraction technology that pre-digests the active ingredients and retains the potency of their freshness...delivering a faster-acting, more effective result than pills or capsules(Learn more about Liquid Extracts vs. Pills)

Hot flashes and abnormal weight gain are the most common complaints of women who are experiencing menopause. There are ways, however, to combat them through food and herbal supplements.
Women approaching menopause are at increased risk for depression, and two new studies offer some of the strongest evidence yet that hormonal changes may be at least partially to blame and argue for menopause treatment as a necessity.
"This stuff is great! My doctor is going to purchase this product. It beats the hormone alternative. Thank you for helping all women and their poor husbands that are trying to be understanding."
- Cindy, Madisonville, TN

"I am leaner and feel less stressed in just three weeks of using your product...Thanks!" 
- Karin, NY

"Estrothin is not a magic pill...but I noticed a reduction in hot flashes and am beginning to drop some pounds after just three weeks of use."   
- Victoria, Canada
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Please Note: The same as with any weight loss supplement, EstroThin™ should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and reasonable exercise.
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